Often Not Realized, These 4 Things Can Make the Pill Effective

Maybe you've heard the story that taking birth control pills is not always effective in preventing pregnancy? That could be due to the influence of several things that are not realized to make the effectiveness of birth control pills decrease. Birth control pills are actually effective in preventing pregnancy by more than 90%. But there are some things that need to be considered to help the effectiveness of birth control pills. For example, consumption every day at the same time, without missing. Reasons for ineffective birth control pills If you are not yet planning a pregnancy, let's check what conditions can make birth control pills fail to prevent pregnancy: Forgot to take birth control pills Birth control pills work by maintaining the body's hormone levels. Forgetting to take birth control pills can make hormone levels quickly increase so that it can cause ovulation. Ovulation can increase the chance of getting pregnant. The risk of pregnancy increases if you
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